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Science, Illustration and Social Networks

Nobody has any doubts about the high impact of social networks in our society. All current affairs, social and personal, flow before our eyes with the easy glide of our thumb on our mobile or other related device. Therefore, social networks are an excellent showcase for any profession to generate company marketing, thinking or concerns.


Science cannot stay behind in this information bustle of hundreds and thousands of different sources of knowledge, so it must search and find a good strategy to catch the attention and interest of society. Scientific data generated with tremendous efforts and funding does not have to be kept only for the scientific community, specifically in the field of research. The global audience, in general and interdisciplinary researchers specifically deserve that all results are as widespread as possible, in order to increase the reseach impact and knowledge of our general population. We cannot forget that most of the funding for our scientific projects comes from public money. Therefore  we must revert this investment in useful data for humanity.


Scientific illustration is the method chosen for science journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, etc, to summarize and attract attention to viewers clicking on the news or scientific articles.  Here, we can see some medical illustrations in cited prestigious journals on twitter:

twitter of a scientific illustration publishing by science journaltwitter a scientific illustration of Nature Journal

In addition, most specialized researchers find in these graphical abstracts a different strategy to understand the key message of the article, in a quick and easy way.

Graphical Abstract published in Stem Cell Reports Journal

Overall, scientific and medical illustrations and social networks must hold hands and be used to disseminate communications pathways. We can make scientific illustrations a powerful weapon for amplifying and defending the need for R&D in a sustainable medium-long term model for our society.

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